From Celebrities to Everyday Healing: The Truth Behind Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Celebrities and athletes alike have come to experience and advocate for the many benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), including the world-renown Dr. Oz and Tony Robbins.

Learn more about PEMF through their stories as these two share the experiences of average users, from successful chronic pain recovery to a first-time trial.

A Quick Introduction to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy sends gentle electrical pulses through cells to improve circulation, cellular metabolism, and overall energy levels.

PEMF is FDA approved for treating chronic pain, injuries, and depression. In healthy patients, PEMF can improve energy levels and level up athletic performance.

Many patients choose PEMF as an alternative to addictive medications or invasive surgeries.

Dr. Oz: A Physician’s Perspective

Dr. Oz, a retired cardiothoracic surgeon and professor emeritus from Columbia University, is known for investigating alternative medicine solutions on his television show. In his episode on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, he explains that doctors may not be aware of new treatment options that can help patients.

Doctors typically prescribe medications and surgeries that worked on previous patients, but every human body is different. During the episode, Dr. Oz interviews a police officer whose crippling back pain was not relieved by medication or chiropractors, but he was cured by PEMF. He felt better after just one session and had no pain after six to eight weeks of treatment.

Dr. Oz also interviews Dr. William Dawluck, a physician and former Johns Hopkins professor who treats himself and his patients with PEMF therapy. Dr. Dawluck explains that doctors look for one thing in new therapies: FDA approval. PEMF therapy is FDA approved to aid in healing and pain relief.

Dr. Oz shows how PEMF’s electrical pulses treat areas of the body that typical sports creams or heating pads cannot reach. The therapy opens up blood vessels, promoting deep healing and improved oxygen supply to the body.

Watch the following video for Dr. Oz’s explanation and visualization of how PEMF works.

Dr. Oz’s takeaway? Try it for yourself.

As an FDA approved, safe, non-invasive technique, PEMF therapy poses no risks. Dr. Oz asks the audience and his guest to give feedback to their physicians about treatments like PEMF.

Once more doctors know about its efficacy, they can prescribe it to patients who want to avoid addictive drugs or damaging surgeries.

Tony Robbins: A Users’ Perspective

Tony Robbins is an internationally recognized speaker, coach, business owner, and author, as well as an avid pulsed electromagnetic field therapy user.

In the following interview with CNBC, Robbins explains that he holds seminars for thousands of fans where he jumps and runs on stage for fourteen hours a day, burning up to 11,300 calories. How does he maintain his energy? Biohacking, including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Robbins started using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy after injuring his rotator cuff while snowboarding. In a segment with Business Insider, Robbins says he uses PEMF to charge up his cells and enhance circulation while flushing out weak cells. He applies PEMF every day to break up bad cells and restore his stamina.

But don’t just take his word for it — Robbins invited Business Insider senior strategy reporter Rich Feloni to try his $25,000 full-body pulsed electromagnetic therapy machine at his home in Fiji.

As a first-time user, Feloni says PEMF feels like a “tickling vibration” on low settings, up to a “patting” on high settings. Robbins encourages Feloni to increase the intensity because slight pain indicates where your body needs PEMF the most. After his first session, Feloni reports that he feels “like a freshly charged iPhone.”

See For Yourself

As Dr. Oz urges, the only way to find the best treatment for your body is to try it. PEMF therapy poses no risks but offers the likelihood of reducing pain, improving circulation, and rejuvenating the body.

Whether you hope to recover faster from surgery or stroke, improve flexibility and healing, sleep better, or enhance athletic performance, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a proven solution for better physical and mental health. Physicians, patients, and the FDA all confirm PEMF’s safety and efficacy.

Ready to try PEMF therapy for yourself? Book your session at Deep Relief to recharge your cells and feel the difference.