“Louisa’s bodywork is awesome! Her strong, intuitive hands always find my hot spots, and are the perfect combination to cure what ails. Being an athlete I put my body through a lot of stress and strain, so for me, finding a great massage therapist is key to staying in the game!”

P.S. She’s also full of great herbal/nutritional tips, when probed.

– Tanya Streeter, World Champion Freediver

​Louisa is great. She is very user friendly (re: availability and scheduling), professional, and very effective. She helped me with 2 separate sources of pain, each with 1 session. Highly recommended.

– Robert L. Frachtman, M.D

I have been receiving massage from Louisa Tomaio for a number of years and found her by chance. As a massage therapist I am very particular and looking for someone who does not do a “routine”, or does not know how to work on all of the body instead of just the back primarily. If I ask for specifics , she listens and does what I request. Most therapist mindlessly do the same basic thing. Not only can Louisa work the whole body , she is good at relaxing massage and deep tissue massage or a combination of both. She has a very soothing, gliding, Hawaiian style of massage ( or Esalen). She is in touch with your body and has a clear focus. She also brings to the table her skills related to Acupuncture as she will be soon a licensed Acupuncturist! So she can combine East and West. Louisa has a nice presence and energy about her and never brings her troubles to the table. She is very professional and makes every effort to please. Also, she has a knowledge with herbs and brings a healing quality to all her massages. She definitely goes the extra mile.Not only do i love her massage, I would hire her in a heart beat to work for me.

– Ceil Embleton , Massage Therapist (16 yrs) & Director of BodyBus. Spa

My body is pushing 60 years old and I am still working it: running up to four miles, swimming, lifting weights, and finding my way onto the lake in my kayak, in between long days in front of a computer screen. None of this would be possible without the support of Louisa’s massage. I trust her completely and count on her to keep this body going.

– L. Ross, Austin, TX

Louisa has been my acupuncturist for over a year now. I have been told in the past that I need replacements in both of my knees. When I started acupuncture the pain was so intense, some days I could barely walk. Once a week I visit Louisa and the difference in the pain level is remarkable. Sometimes I can spend a whole week with virtually no pain. I also have an extremely stressful job and her treatment relaxes me so much that I find myself falling sleep during treatment. Louisa is very knowledgeable, intuitive and caring. Her whole approach to life is reassuring and refreshing. She has also given me great advice in nutrition and relaxation techniques. Thanks Louisa!!!

– M Guzman, ATX

Louisa has been treating me for over a year for migraines and general malaise. I have had migraines since I was six and I have tried just about everything to ease them; until acupuncture, nothing really worked. After a year of acupuncture, I feel so much better! My headaches are less frequent and much less intense, and I have more energy. The treatments are so relaxing, I often fall asleep! She has an excellent knowledge of herbs and remedies, and is always willing to listen. She also is very intuitive. I feel exceptionally lucky to have had her work on me during the time that I have known her.

–– L. Marotta, Austin, TX

Louisa is intuitive, patient and skilled. She listens and understands what areas need attention and adjusts her techniques based on the needs of the client.

– J. Bannerot, West Lake, TX