PEMF For Pain Treatment

Finally, relief from pain without drugs or surgery.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a modern approach to healing pain from the inside out. Athletes, celebrities, and ordinary people have successfully used PEMF to reduce inflammation and find relief from acute or chronic pain.

Here’s a deeper look at how PEMF works as a non-invasive, effective pain management therapy.

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a relatively new treatment that falls under the evolving field of biomagnetics.

PEMF devices emit noninvasive electromagnetic waves onto the skin at varying frequencies to stimulate cellular metabolism. These magnetic fields can be targeted at specific parts of the body to meet patients’ needs.

Every cell in your body has positive and negative charges on its membrane. PEMF interacts with these charges to enhance circulation and the flow of nutrients. Effectively charged cells are better able to absorb important nutrients, like calcium and potassium. PEMF charges also gently flush out toxins and dead cells.

How Does PEMF Reduce Pain?

PEMF restores your body’s natural cellular charge, resulting in less pain and numerous benefits.

When nutrients flow and cellular metabolism is fired up, the body is better able to heal and reduce inflammation. PEMF recharges cells so you feel more energy and experience less pain.

The following benefits of PEMF therapy all contribute to reducing pain in the body:

Unlike massages or physical therapy, PEMF targets cells from the inside, even in areas that external treatments cannot reach. The electromagnetic fields travel through the body to restore healthy cells’ charge and metabolism, facilitating pain relief and healing.

PEMF has been successfully used to treat various kinds of pain and conditions, including:

PEMF Therapy being performed on a patients knee to treat pain

Doctors usually prescribe drugs, physical therapies, or surgeries for these cases of acute or chronic pain. However, drugs and surgeries come with numerous side effects and risks, while physical therapy can be painful and costly.

PEMF is a comfortable, relaxing treatment option to reduce pain without any invasive procedures or risks.

Does PEMF Therapy Really Work to Reduce Pain?

PEMF may sound too good to be true — it reaches difficult-to-treat pain without invasive surgeries or addictive drugs. Is PEMF real? Science says yes.

  1. Researchers from Ontario conducted and published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of PEMF for treating musculoskeletal chronic pain. Their peer-reviewed study found that repeated PEMF therapy resulted in statistically significant pain relief in participants. In fact, PEMF for pain was so successful that the researchers recommended it as a replacement for pain-relieving opioids such as morphine.

  2. A different study specifically sought to treat diabetic polyneuropathy with PEMF. In their randomized, controlled trial, they found that patients with diabetic polyneuropathy stages N1a, N1b, and N2a experienced decreased pain after PEMF treatment. Patients also demonstrated statistically significant improvement in distal latency and nerve conduction after PEMF treated their cells with low-frequency electromagnetic pulses.

In addition to being effective, PEMF devices are FDA approved as safe for clinical applications.

Researchers have concluded that PEMF will not worsen pain, and it is highly unlikely that the body can become immune to PEMF over time. While PEMF’s safety and efficacy are proven, research is still being done to find the optimal treatment for specific kinds of chronic pain.

Every human body is different, so the best approach is to try different frequencies and find what works for you.

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