Motor Point Acupuncture in Austin, TX | Sports Acupuncture

Sports injuries can be painful, with a road to recovery that is fraught with challenges. Motor point acupuncture is a type of sports acupuncture specifically used to address sports and orthopedic related injuries, both mild (muscle aches and pains) to more severe and long lasting injuries, like sprained ligaments.

Here at Deep Relief Austin, Louisa and her team specialize in using motor point acupuncture for those struggling with sports and movement related injuries. To schedule an appointment, call 512-529-0027 or book online today.
What is Motor Point Acupuncture?

Different forms of acupuncture are useful in helping people recover from different types of pain or discomfort. Sports injuries (as well as those related to long term movement, like back pain), respond very well to motor point acupuncture.
This type of acupuncture places needles at both trigger points and motor points.

  • Trigger Points

Trigger points are tight muscle fibers that prevent normal function and movement of the rest of the muscle(s). By relaxing these tight muscle fibers, not only can the muscle move freely but it also improves blood flow, range of motion, and balance for a faster recovery.
These are similar to the trigger points used by both physical therapists and massage therapists. However, what makes acupuncture unique is that the needles penetrate the skin and are able to stimulate the trigger points directly.

  • Motor Points

Motor points are the exact locations where the nerve enters the muscle. By placing a needle in the right spot, it stimulates the muscle spindles improving their function. When stimulated, the muscle “jumps” almost like restarting a car engine, allowing the muscle to regain its range of motion.
Sports Acupuncture in Austin, TX

Motor point acupuncture has a strong background, with roots in traditional Chinese acupuncture in a scientific setting. For athletes struggling with injuries or those that need orthopedic acupuncture for chronic nerve pain, this type of treatment is a great place to start. Call Deep Relief Austin today at 512-529-0027 to learn more about this treatment, or to schedule an appointment.