Our highly-trained team offers massage therapy modalities to root out pain and tension at its source.

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DEEP Relief is the leading massage clinic in Austin, Texas. Our staff of highly-qualified, licensed massage therapists are trained in our unique DR Hit The Spot method. Using a holistic approach, we relieve stress, tension and pain in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Our focus is on helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Selena Salazar


This was my first prenatal massage and I absolutely loved it! Tana took care of all my back pain both lower and upper. She used a gentle but effective technique. Instead of applying immense pressure to undo my knots she used different techniques she has learned in the past 35 years

Ricardo Contreras


This is by far the best deep tissue massage I have ever received in my life. Ari helped me feel like a million bucks. She hit pressure points I did not know I needed worked. I left the place feeling ready to take on the rest of the year. This is my second time getting a massage here, and both times have been great. They definitely have an amazing team!

I live in Houston and I will be coming back to Austin just to get a massage here again soon!

Thank you, Ari for helping me feel so much better!

Amanda Eggen

I truly had the best massage I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot! Whitney was amazing. I had never tried DEEP relief at signature style and had some trepidation. But I am so glad I did try it – she was able to relieve some really tough knots I had, 9 months following an ankle break and surgery. She was also a fabulous listener when I was worried about that ankle. She also offered cupping on my feet which was new and totally relieved my planters fasciitis. I’ll be back in 3 weeks!!

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Back sore after a marathon or strenuous physical activity? No problem! From muscle-specific, deep tissue massage to a relaxing Swedish massage, we can help you reduce pain, recover from injury and reduce stress and anxiety.

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