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Massage FAQs | DEEP Relief Austin

Q: Why Consider Massage?

A: Massage is one of the few proven effective, non-medicinal ways to reduce pain, relieve muscle tension, and eliminate stress. It has also been linked to several complementary benefits, such as improved sleep, fewer headaches, and may have an effect on heart health and digestion.

Q: What Types of Massage Do You Offer?

A: Our team here at DEEP Relief Austin has years of experience and training in several distinctive types of massage therapy, including Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Cupping, Swedish, and Trigger Point Massage, among others. We are also able to provide you with your own custom massage depending on your preferences.

Q: Is There One Type of Massage Therapy Technique That is Better Than Others?

A: Every technique has its own advantages. It depends on your level of tension, the amount of pressure that is necessary to work out adhesions, your body type, and more. Your own comfort level is also very important, as massages are meant to be relaxing in addition to therapeutic. You are welcome to ask for recommendations.

Q: I Have a Specific Problem – Can You Address It?

A: Yes, absolutely. If it is treatable by massage therapy, then we will see if there is a custom massage therapy technique or strategy that we can use to target it. Our massage therapists can also pay closer attention to the areas you want to address.

Q: Do I Need to Be Naked for the Procedure?

A: Massage is all about comfort. Most clients find that they are more comfortable completely undressed, but some  prefer to leave there underwear on.  Always undress to your comfort level and the way that you will be most most relaxed. You will be covered with a sheet and a blanket through the  entire session, only exposing the body part that we are working on.

Q: I Have an Injury or Illness, Can You Still Massage Me?

A: You’ll want to check first, as massage is not recommended for some health issues. But in general, if you have an injury or illness it is often possible to work around it. In some cases, massage may actually help treat it. Call first for a more detailed answer.

Q: Do You Provide Corporate Massage?

A: Yes. DEEP Relief Austin is happy to travel to your office to provide specialized massage services to those looking to offer it to their employees or management.

Q: Will You Travel Outside of Austin?

A: In select cases, our therapists may travel to some of the nearby cities, like Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Lakeway, Westlake, Bee Cave and Dripping Springs. Please inquire with more information.

Q: How Much Does Massage Cost?

A: You can find the costs for massage, as well as related services on our fees page. Please contact us for corporate massage therapy rates.