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Benefits of Massage | DEEP Relief Austin

Massage therapy is one of the most time tested techniques for muscle tension and relaxation. It has been used for millennia – since before the days of Ancient Egypt – and continues to be practiced by most of the cultures of the world.

Often massage is designed to be a relaxing experience, as you are surrounded by relaxing music, aromatic oils, and more. But massage is more than a chance to “unwind.” Massage also provides the body with therapeutic pressure that has many benefits to those struggling with stress, tension, and pain.

What Are The Benefits of Massage?

​Researchers are still discovering more and more benefits to massage therapy techniques. Some of the primary benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Fewer Knots/Reduced Tension – Massage loosens the muscles and relieves chronic tension brought on by the stresses of the day.
  • Movement/Injury Recovery – Massage relaxes the muscles so that they move freely, and may be speed up some forms of injury and athletic recovery.
  • Less Pain/Discomfort – Muscle tension begets more tension, which in turn can create light chronic pain. Massage can relieve some of these pains, thus improving quality of life.
  • Better Sleep – Muscle tension contributes to insomnia and poor sleep positions. Massage relaxes the muscles so sleeping is much easier.
  • Other Health Benefits – Massage has been linked to a better immune system, improved heart health, fewer headaches, and much more.

In addition, countless studies have shown that when the body feels better, the mind does as well. Those with anxiety, stress, and possibly depression often find that massage has mental health benefits as well, capable of providing them with a better mood and improved stress coping.

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