How To Fix Text Neck

If you’re like the average person, you probably spend 3+ hours on your phone every day.¹ Thanks to addictive apps like TikTok and enticing new tech solutions, our average screen time is increasing every year.

Despite technology’s many benefits, negative effects like eye strain and mental health issues are prominent. And now, text neck is emerging as another serious consequence of staring down at a phone for hours on end.

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What Is Text Neck?

Text neck refers to a repetitive stress injury caused by looking down. The condition is called “text neck”, “nerd neck”, or “tech neck” because it is caused by staring down at handheld devices for prolonged periods of time.

If your neck aches after staring at a screen, you’re not alone. Researchers found that 68.1% of subjects with smartphones had text neck, so the majority of smartphone users likely experience text neck.²

Although neck strain from reading or drawing already exists, text neck is increasingly common as smartphone use grows.

What Causes Text Neck?

Your head weighs about 10 pounds, which the cervical spine can comfortably hold upright.

Tilting your head down increases the stress on your spine. Looking down at just 30 degrees increases the pressure on your spine to 40 pounds, while looking down at 60 degrees puts 60 pounds of pressure on your spine.

So looking down at your phone with poor posture puts excessive strain on the cervical spine (the spine in your neck). Repeated head tilting can cause a stress injury, and severely fatigued muscles can transfer that strain to the bones of the neck.

How to Tell if You Have Text Neck

Text neck is relatively easy to self-diagnose. While scrolling on your phone, is your neck bent forward? Is your back curved? Are your shoulders slumped?

Stay alert during your daily activities and watch out for poor posture during device use. If you’re unsure, see if you experience any of the below symptoms or side effects.

Text Neck Symptoms

Look out for the following short-term symptoms of text neck, especially during or after device use:

Text Neck Side Effects

If text neck is left untreated, it can lead to long-term side effects:

How to Fix Text Neck

Luckily, text neck is entirely avoidable and early symptoms can be completely reversed.

Lifestyle Changes to Fix Text Neck

Physical Therapy Exercises to Relieve Text Neck

Additional Videos for Fixing Text Neck

Can a Massage Therapist Help Treat Text Neck?

Massage therapy is an effective treatment for text neck. Through therapeutic manipulation of soft tissue, massage increases circulation to reach deeper muscle tissues. This allows oxygen-rich nutrients to aid in healing while relaxing muscles that have become tense from overwork or atrophy due to poor posture.

Massage treatments provide relief and improved functioning of affected areas so you can get back your best self!

Can a Chiropractor Help Treat Text Neck?

Chiropractors can fix the misalignments and muscle aches caused by text neck. However, text neck symptoms will persist if underlying poor posture is not addressed.

Text Neck FAQ

Once you start improving your posture and adding the above exercises to your routine, text neck can heal within four to six weeks. Recovery requires consistent awareness and good posture.
The best sleeping posture for text neck is sleeping on your back with a moderately low pillow supporting your head and neck. If you choose to sleep on your side, use a thicker pillow.
Hunching over with text neck can cause breathing problems since the rib cage collapses and the lungs cannot fully expand. Severe head tilting also pinches the trachea, making it harder to take a deep breath.

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