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Cupping/Myofacial Decompression Therapy in Austin, TX

There are many different forms of massage. Back in Ancient China, one method of massage that remains popular to this day is known as “cupping therapy,” or “myofascial decompression therapy.” It is a form of massage that is highly popular with Olympic Athletes, providing a powerful and effective way to improve healing and relaxation.

DEEP Relief Austin is one of the few provides of cupping therapy in Austin, TX. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to try it for yourself, please call today at 512-529-0027.

What is Cupping and How Does it Work?

Throughout history, cupping involved heated glass cups. When the cup was heated and placed on the skin, it would create a vacuum that would pull up that area of the skin and bring old blood to the surface. Once on the surface, the old blood dissolves, and the body creates new blood as a response. Newer blood carries more healing properties, this making it easier to recover from exercise.

Today, glass cups are often replaced with a special type of vacuum suction, which gives the massage therapist a bit more control over the location and intensity of the vacuum. As with all forms of massage, cupping can also provide muscle relaxation and tension relief benefits.

Cupping Therapy in Austin, Texas with DEEP Relief Austin

DEEP Relief Austin is one of the few provides of cupping massage in Austin, TX. Our experience allows us to give you the best possible cupping massage possible, with results that will last for weeks on end. Cupping requires a special amount of training and experience in order to do it effectively, and our background makes DEEP Relief Austin one of the best choices for this type of massage.

If you’d like to learn more about cupping, or you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our Austin massage therapists, please call us today at 512-529-0027. Cupping massage is the perfect choice for athletes, and those struggling with aches and pains. Call today to find out more about it.