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Ashiatsu Massage in Austin, TX at DEEP Relief Austin​

 Pressure is the secret to eliminating some of the toughest muscle adhesions (knots). Using carefully targeted pressure, a trained massage therapist can ease tension and relax the muscles in ways that will last for weeks at a time.

​Ashiatsu massage is an effective way to provide that pressure. Ashiatsu is also known as “barefoot massage” or “bar massage.” Here in Austin, our massage therapists offer this unique form of massage therapy to those interested in a deep, relaxing massage experience. To schedule an Ashiatsu Massage in Austin, TX, please call today at 512-529-0027.

Why Feet?

With enough training, feet are surprisingly dexterous. The toes and soles are perfect for putting force on specific tension points in the back and shoulders, in a way that is often difficult with hands. With Ashiatsu Massage, your massage therapist is also standing directly above you, able to provide targeted pressure on the areas of concern and smooth out the muscles with greater control.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of Ashiatsu Massage is the gravity assisted, balanced pressure. With a traditional massage, the therapist has to use their strength to push into the targeted areas from the side. This requires a lot of strength and stamina, and may not always provide the amount of pressure needed.

With Ashiatsu, the therapist stands above you, balanced, and is able to use gravity and body weight, along with the surface area of the foot to provide a steady gliding pressure on the back. Your Austin massage therapist holds onto a bar throughout the session for balance, and is highly trained to provide this special form of massage therapy.

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Ashiatsu Massage has been practiced in India, Thailand, and through Asia, and has made its way into the United States. Our specialists here at DEEP Relief Austin is one of the few massage practitioners to offer this unique type of barefoot massage, and would be happy to schedule you in for a session.

If you’re interested in finding out why it is one of the more popular massage therapy techniques in Austin, TX, please call at 512-529-0027.