Acupuncture FAQs | DEEP Relief In Austin

Q: Does Acupuncture Really Work?

​A: Yes. There are biomechanical actions that are triggered during acupuncture that benefit the body, and can provide useful, long term pain relief without requiring over the counter painkillers or any medical treatment.  Acupuncture is a safe, natural and cost effective way to treat most health conditions.

Q: Do The Needles Hurt?

A: Usually not, but there may occasionally be a small pinch, sting or dull ache, most of the time you will barely even feel the needles. These hairlike needles are so small that any discomfort is generally mild.  That said, if any of the needles do pinch, bite or sting it should go away in a few seconds. If after 5-10 seconds the pain does not dissipate, please tell your acupuncturist and they will adjust the needles or remove them.  It is not necessary or beneficial to have the needles continue to cause discomfort.  We want to you to be able to relax and drift off to dreamland for a while, so comfort is key.

Q: How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A: Since everybody’s body responds differently, we need to test your individual response. Typically we start with three treatments to see how your body responds to the acupuncture. Most people experience some immediate relief of symptoms.  But how long the results last is different for everybody.  The first few treatments are usually enough to tell how well and how quickly your body will respond,  This will give us a good idea of how many treatments you will need to reach your goal.  Generally, the more treatments you have the more effective and long lasting the results will be. The provider will devise a treatment plan based on your individual response to these initial treatments.

Q: How Safe Is Acupuncture?

A: Very safe. We only use presteralized, disposable needles, we NEVER reuse needles.

Q: Does acupuncture have side effects?

A: Yes, but the most common side effects are desirable ones, for instance; improved sleep, digestion, and circulation, less stress and improved mental clarity.  As for the less desirable side effects, they are rare compared to the more common ones just mentioned, though they can happen but are usually for a very brief time.  These may include, a slight worsening of symptoms, fatigue, soreness, bruising, muscle twitching, lightheadedness and the occasional emotional release.  When comparing these side effects to that of most of the alternatives…

Q: How Long Do The Needles Stay In Place?

A: It varies between clients, but usually about 30 minutes. In some cases, a longer period of time may be recommended, but if you are in a hurry this can be discussed prior to the session. Length of time has an insignificant effect on most treatments..

Q: What Pain Conditions Are Best Treated With Acupuncture?

A: The hormones released during acupuncture are the body’s natural painkillers. As such, most forms of chronic pain can benefit from acupuncture, including lower back pain, nerve pain, neuropathy, sports injuries, headaches, migraines and menstrual pain. These same hormones also help improve sleep quality, and better sleep can also help with chronic pain.

Q: Do You Offer Any Corporate Acupuncture In Austin, TX?

A: It doesn’t hurt to inquire. Please contact us at 512-529-0027 to discuss your company’s needs.