We live at a time where tension is everywhere. We see conflict in politics. We see stress at work. We have trouble with finances, relationships, child-rearing, and so much more. We are also less active than we have been at any time in history, all without prioritizing our health and wellness.

​It’s no wonder that chronic tension is such a widespread problem. Here in Austin, over 50% of adults live with significant stress and tension, resulting in poorer health, worse sleep, less energy, significant muscle pain, and so much more.


How Massage Affects Anxiety and Stress:

Addressing your anxiety and stress levels is critical to your long term health and happiness, and while there is no single solution that will successfully melt stress away, there are lifestyle changes that can have an immediate impact.

One such solution is massage.

​Massage – particularly massage therapy carried out by trained specialists – has scientifically proven benefits for those living with stress. Those in Austin, Texas that have found themselves struggling with their tension levels should strongly consider engaging in regular massage therapy, as it has several benefits, here are three:

  1. Releasing of Endorphins – Massage, quite simply, feels good. In fact, it feels so good, that it releases hormones known as “endorphins” that are directly responsible for good moods. When you’re feeling stressed it is often difficult to find significant relief for an extended period of time. Massage triggers the hormones that contribute to that relief.
  2. Releasing of Physical Tension – There is a genuine, scientific link between the mind and body. You know that when you feel stressed your muscles tense. But you may not know that it works the other way around as well – when your muscles are tense, you feel mentally stressed. It is a cycle. Thus massage releases some of the physical tension, which then puts less tension on your mind as well.
  3. It is Relaxing – On a more simplistic level, massage is simply relaxing. Expert touch, combined with an environment that is geared towards your comfort gives you an activity that is simply more enjoyable and less stressful than most other activities that people enjoy.

These are only three of the many benefits of massage therapy.

From the reduction in chronic pain to the potential healing properties that massage provides, there are simply many reasons to consider massage therapy in Austin when you feel you are leading a tension-filled life.

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